How do you explain landscaping?

Landscaping involves making changes to a piece of land to improve its appearance, viability, and value. It can involve altering the architecture, floor plans, and exterior design of an area. Gardening is commonly confused with gardening. While the two are similar, gardening focuses on maintaining plants and flowers, while landscaping refers to designing and cultivating an entire area.

Did you know that landscaping can affect air quality? Adding a single tree can eliminate 26 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Not to mention that turf can prevent 12 million tons of dust and dirt from being released into the atmosphere annually. Planting trees, shrubs and flowers also generates more oxygen and reduces soil erosion. On average, a well-designed landscape saves enough money in energy costs to pay for itself in just eight years.

Strategically planting shrubs and trees around your home can save you up to 35% on air conditioning costs and reduce heating bills by 10-25%.

Kara Mareno
Kara Mareno

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