Is landscapers based on a real story?

Susan and Chris Edwards committed the perfect crime. This is how they were finally caught. Yes, for the most part, Landscapers is a true story. In real life, according to the police investigation, the Edwards' motivation to murder the Wyncherleys was reduced to money.

Olivia Coleman stars in Landscapers, a new series based on a true story and available to watch this week. A new HBO Landscapers limited series starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis documents the shocking true story. The new drama Landscapers, broadcast on Sky Atlantic, has captivated viewers with its unique approach to true crime adaptation. It's the true story behind a new drama called Landscapers, by Olivia Colman and her husband Ed Sinclair, which will arrive on Sky Atlantic later this year.

As depicted in Landscapers, Susan felt that her parents had stolen an inheritance she had left to her grandmother, which her parents had used to buy an old house and sell it for a profit after she had signed her rights. When Landscapers opens, Susan spends money she doesn't have on signed photos of Gary Cooper, while Christopher, unable to get a job due to the language barrier, suffers a total collapse. But as Landscapers releases new episodes weekly, you might start to wonder if black comedy is too good to be true. By dramatizing the story, Landscapers merges the two, blurring the lines between the reality of Susan and Christpher and the real world to try to explain their way of thinking.

Landscapers shows that, as film obsessives, the Edwards Susan see life especially in cinematographic terms. The Guardian reports that real-life Susan and Christopher Edwards tended to behave this way, also after marriage, they lived in East London, where Susan stayed at home while Christopher worked as a credit control officer. The Wycherleys had been a quiet couple, with no real friends and with few ties to anyone but their own daughter. So what is the real story behind 'Landscapers' and when is it released on television? Here's what you need to know.

The Oscar-winning actress has two big hits launching this month with Landscapers airing weekly on HBO and The Lost Daughter en route on Netflix.

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