Is landscaping oversaturated?

It's too easy to get into this business: if you have a lawnmower and something to transport it with, you can become a contractor. Only approximately 25% have more than four employees. With so many people working from home in the past two years, there is a massive demand for landscapers. If there was a landscaper who knew half a damn thing about how to grow garbage instead of just cutting down and hauling, I would clean up in my city.

Check with some of your local suppliers of garden supplies, they will know what the competition is like in your area. My colleague created a native plant design and landscaping company with 0 credentials and has a lot of business a year later. To control large volumes of water, place the landscape cloth in the ravine and place the mortar on the rocks in place. Yes, it seems like landscapers are everywhere, but that's why I founded a landscaping company All Electric.

We have all types of landscape lighting and will work with you to add beauty and dimension to your existing outdoor space. Lack of communication, lack of technology, and lack of transparency are some good examples of common complaints for MANY landscaping companies. Maybe it's beyond the scope of what landscapers can build a business, but I would easily pay for the following. Whether you need drainage solutions to correct property saturation or you're simply looking to beautify your landscape with that finishing touch, such as lawn installation, you can count on us to help.

Kara Mareno
Kara Mareno

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