Should you tip tradesmen?

Contractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) I think it's nice and enough. It's also good to have water, treats and treats available and lunch on the last day or even in the middle of lunch for workers on site. People like to be recognized for doing good work, and they also like working for nice people. You're playing all the right notes.

Gratuities have gotten so out of hand that there's no need to tip contractors. You can offer food, drinks, but not money. We always have Gatorade and fresh water in stock for people who cut and maintain our pool, for example. When we have more important projects, such as when we build our house, we regularly give crews gift cards for the subway or similar.

That way they could get what they wanted. I never give things like beer to workers because you never know who has problems in that area. Price is price and there is more than just a wide profit margin built in and some may find it offensive anyway. At the same time, when you hire a merchant, you're obligated to pay for the service, but you're not required to offer a tip.

Since there is no reference guide for tipping, the rules may vary. There is no fixed percentage, since the prices for hiring a merchant are usually hourly and a regular home improvement job can go as low as a few hundred pounds (or dollars, depending on your location, of course).

Kara Mareno
Kara Mareno

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