9 Essential Yard Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Unless you live in a desert, you probably need a lawnmower. Electric and cordless mowers such as the WORX 40V 17″ lawnmower provide a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to gas mowers. There are no gas or oil spills, and electric mowers are much quieter (your neighbors will thank you). The WORX 40V mower also has a shredding blade, giving you the option of leaving the cuttings in place or picking them up in an attached bag on the back. There are many types of tools for cutting plant material.

As the name implies, manual pruners fit in one hand and are used to harvest cut flowers, cut small branches, cut perennials, shape plants, remove worn flowers, and much more. Manual pruners used on living plant material are called bypass pruners. Look for a pair that fits comfortably in your hand. Larger than manual clippers, the pruners have longer handles that are used with both hands and a larger blade to tame overgrown shrubs and shape trees. Long handles provide more leverage for cutting larger branches up to 1 ½ inch thick.

For anything larger than that, you'll need a small hand saw. If you have long hedges, formal hedges, or shaped shrubs, you'll want a powerful trimmer like the WORX 40V 24″ hedge trimmer.Many evergreen shrubs, such as boxwood and yew, and even deciduous hedges, such as henna, require molding once or twice a season. It's a lot of work to do by hand, so you'll definitely want the power and versatility offered by the WORX 40V trimmer. Before long you'll be sculpting topiaries like Edward Scissorhands.

As with clippers, there are many types of shovels. Two great tools to start with are the round tip shovel and a small hand trowel. Look for a sturdy, hardened steel shovel with a long handle for easy digging holes, planting trees and mixing compost. Pallets are used for small jobs, such as planting annuals and placing pots in pots. A sturdy blade and a comfortable grip are ideal. It is said that the ancient Greeks made garden hoses by unraveling oxen and using their intestines.

Nowadays, outfits are more efficient and less disgusting. You'll want one if your new home doesn't have a working irrigation system, which you most likely won't. Available in both manual models and gas and electric powered designs, an edger uses a metal blade and cutting edge to trim grass edges along sidewalks, paths and garden edges. Manual versions have a sharp half-circle blade or a cutting wheel that is trimmed by downward pressure that is applied to the top of the blade, similar to how a standard hand shovel works. Electric edgebanders have a circular cutting blade that rotates to cut grass that encroaches along the edge of the sidewalk.

Some combination trimmers can also be used to cut the edges if you turn your head so that the rope is trimmed vertically. Used for spraying weeds or pesticides, sprayers come in many styles, from small, half-gallon manual sprayers to backpack style sprayers that hold 2 gallons or more and have battery-powered spray heads. For most people, a simple 1 gallon pressurized sprayer with a pump handle is completely sufficient to treat lawn weeds. Choose a sprayer with a rod type spray head that allows you to attack individual weeds without spraying excess chemicals. Many homeowners now choose to care for lawns without using chemicals. And most herbicides and pesticides are available in convenient pump spray canisters, so a pressure sprayer is not a must-have tool. If you have a mounted lawn mower, there are inexpensive attachments you can use to remove straw from a lawn.

There are also special blades that you can mount on a rotary lawnmower, although these blades can damage the lawn. Thatching is usually done by a garden service when needed, although you can rent an electric straw at tool rental centers. However, it's a big and heavy tool, and most people choose to have a garden service do it. By investing in these essential gardening tools, your shed will house everything it needs to keep your garden beautiful and growing. Some of these tools will be used so often that you should have them, while others can be rented from time to time when needed. A spreader is a hand-held pushing tool used to distribute fertilizers, grass seeds, and pesticides throughout the lawn.

A string trimmer is an electric or gasoline tool that works with a nylon rope that beats at high speed to cut grass in areas where a lawn mower cannot reach. These aren't particularly expensive tools, and people who are serious about lawn care may want to have one. The minimum amount of torque needed to trim a 10-inch wide strip of grass means the battery will travel the entire yard (and more) on a single charge. Unless you hire a garden service to take care of your weekly lawn care tasks, every homeowner will depend on a handful of important lawn care tools. If you're the type of person who rolls up their sleeves and basks in the sun on a job well done, you'll need to gather an arsenal of tools to properly maintain your garden. Dive into the latest news & trends in gardening and lawn care; get your hands dirty with DIY tips; discover how to make it all happen with the latest tools from WORX; here's his list of 9 lawn and garden tools that first-time homeowners shouldn't try to live without:

  • Lawnmower
  • Manual Pruners
  • Long Handled Pruners
  • Small Hand Saw
  • Power Trimmer
  • Shovels
  • Garden Hose
  • Edger
  • Sprayer
Of course Black+Decker was one of the original manufacturers to pioneer outdoor lithium-ion cordless power tools; its muscular 60V model is still among the best. It's also somewhat controversial tool as blowers are loud and often hated by neighbors who hate having their peace disturbed. At one point most power lawn care tools used two-stroke gasoline engines; this technology required users to mix oil with gasoline to power engines.

This small maneuverable tool offers an easy way....

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