How to Increase Your Home's Value with Stone Veneer, Flowers, and Smart Lighting

Stone has always been a classic and elegant choice for home exteriors. Installing stone veneer on the entrance of your home can give it a major facelift and increase its exterior appeal. According to Chase, this is one of the most profitable renovations you can do. The average cost of this project is estimated to be around 36 linear feet of thresholds, 40 linear feet of corners, and a block of addresses, including two layers of water resistant barrier and corrosion resistant battens and fasteners.

This project also recovers almost all of its cost (just over 91 percent).OnBuy's garden furniture sector surveyed 3,400 people and presented images of 20 similar-looking houses with different floors in the front garden. The survey found that 67% of people are more likely to view a house if the garden is up to par. Lilies were ranked second in terms of attractiveness; these low-maintenance flowers caught the attention of 71% of potential buyers. A report that surveyed more than 1,000 homeowners revealed that the top green improvement homeowners are tackling is installing smart lighting. LED bulbs that can be automated and controlled through an app are energy-efficient and nearly a third (31%) are making this their priority with their home improvements.

Upgrading to green appliances and double glazing were next on the list, followed by domestic chargers for electric cars and improved insulation. When it comes to interior design, it's best to stick to lighter, more neutral palettes that appeal to a wide range of buyers. This makes it easier for a buyer to bring their existing belongings to the home without anything conflicting. Staging services vary widely, from clutter and depersonalization (for example, removing family photos or specific decor) to bringing in rented furniture, repainting and more. Double glazing is costly but it will cover its own cost in the long run due to its energy efficiency benefits. It will also save buyers from having to take on the task.

Kara Mareno
Kara Mareno

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