What is the Difference Between a Landscaper and a Groundskeeper?

When it comes to outdoor maintenance, landscapers and groundskeepers are two distinct professions. While both involve working with plants and other elements of the outdoors, there are some key differences between the two. A landscaper is responsible for improving the land by planting trees, flowers, and shrubs. They may also build walkways, patios, and other structures.

Landscapers typically work on larger projects that require more physical labor than groundskeepers. Groundskeepers, on the other hand, are responsible for maintaining the grounds of an area. This includes tasks such as mowing lawns, removing garbage, and fertilizing and watering plants. Groundskeepers may also maintain swimming pools and fountains or ensure picnic areas and public spaces are free of debris.

In terms of job satisfaction, landscapers rate their professional happiness 3.0 out of 5 stars, which places them in the lowest 31% of races. Groundskeepers tend to be more satisfied with their jobs due to the minimal physical labor required. If an institution wants to renew its exterior appearance, it is likely that it will first hire a landscaper to design the area, plant the vegetation and even place structures such as walkways and retaining walls. The landscaper may then require the search for a certification option.

The Professional Landscape Network (PLANET) offers good landscaping programs, including Landscape Industry Certification Technician and Manager. In addition to teaching students how to select plants and landscaping mathematics, these programs also teach landscape design. This allows landscapers to have more creative freedom in their designs and detailed presentations. On the other hand, groundskeepers may not need any formal education or certification to do their job. However, they may need to obtain a license if they plan on using certain chemicals or pesticides. Overall, both landscapers and groundskeepers have good job prospects.

Landscapers can be promoted to supervisors while groundskeepers can become facility managers or land managers. Lawn care or landscaping jobs can be great careers if you find the right company to work with.

Kara Mareno
Kara Mareno

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